Dark July Music

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Neo futuristic sounds direct to your browser history.

“Dark July” is my alter ego, my self project to happiness. I have been producing music since I was very young, I would always remember trying to create my own remixes and radio stations with my tape deck spending hours up in my room repetitively hitting stop and record.
I then downloaded a free DAW when I was in school, which was very basic and could only work with a limited amount of preset loops and such. When I listen back I think god some of these tracks are awful! However it got me started in the basics of producing.
It’s only been the recent 6-7 years where I’ve self taught my skills, plugging in the hours and taking music seriously as a hobby; now I wish to share my journey and my sound with you all.


My music is the dark edge that bites. The silence of space. Become a fan today!

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