A letter to my future Child.

Our first child

To my Child,

It’s not long until I get to meet you at the end of August. We both can’t wait to meet you and find out whether you are a Boy or a Girl. We hope you like the names we have chosen for you.

So you’ve started your journey into the big wide world, welcome! Life is amazing, life is scary, life will give you tough challenges along the way; but know this, you will tackle every day as it comes and you will have the support from family and friends around you to conquer any feat.

My Child, know that we love you so much already; you are an extension of our love for each other. We will support you and look after you every waking minute of the day. We will help you achieve your goals and dreams whatever they may be and be proud of whatever you accomplish in life for as they say “The world is your Oyster”.

Life is not fair, there will be people that will try and pull you down; we want you to be confident and strong enough to go face to face with the Sharks and give them what for!

We will do everything in our power to create the best environment and future for you, as you are our future. We may sometimes get things wrong, we may argue and we may fall out from time to time but we will never abandon or stop loving you.

One day when you are old enough I hope you see this letter. If ever you are feeling unsure or sad know that this will be a reminder of just how amazing you will be.

Love from Mum and Dad.


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