Strangest Corona Virus Origin theories

I assume we are all well aware of what the Corona Virus is by now? If not, then this article will not be dwelling into the science behind it, more so the strangest theories as to why it came about.

It’s 5G man!

So I recently came across a very intriguing post on Facebook where the original poster claims that the Corona Virus is not a form of flu whatsoever, more so the world being affected and adapting to the new release of 5G signals. Take a look:

Of course, because it’s all in capitals and has incredibly bad grammar then it must be true…

Dude, hold my beer.

Another wild theory centres around the Corona Beer itself. Many people believe that drinking one bottle of the delightful substance can immediately inflict you with the Corona Virus.

Thankfully however this has not affected the companies’ brand and sales are in fact increasing. Due to term Corona being searched at an increased rate; Corona beer are raking in the extra marketing benefits. Some bars were even advertising a “Corona Virus special” where you could get two Corona beers for the price of one. Clever.

There is a Bat in my soup.

A video surfaced of a Chinese Woman holding a Bat with chopsticks, appearing to eat the creature in a soup. News outlets like the Daily Mail and RT shared the clip which was reportedly met with outrage from Twitter users, who blamed this as the root cause of the outbreak.

However the video in question reportedly wasn’t filmed in Wuhan or China. The woman in the video; identified as Wang Mengyun, is a host of an online travel blog who was actually eating a dish in Palau, located in the western Pacific ocean. The video was also reportedly filmed in 2016, well before the outbreak in Wuhan.

Intentional Biological Weapon

Some people theorise the virus was made in a laboratory purposefully as a biological weapon to test on the public/disrupt a countries economy. If this was the case this would be an act of Biological Warfare on China’s behalf.

Some also say the virus accidentally escape the laboratory. The lab-escape theory is so far the more widely accepted conspiracy theory. Located at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the researchers have been studying forms of Bat Coronaviruses. The lab is less than 10 miles away from the seafood market where a clustre of COVID-19 cases was first discovered, which puts it at ample reason for blame.

Intentional or accident? You decide.

Election year Virus

Another theory suggests that the Coronavirus was intentionally released to distract from the upcoming US elections.

This idea was made widely popular by a meme that spread amongst the internet.

What do you think?

So there we have a handful of the strangest theories about the COVID-19 Coronavirus circulating at this very moment. Personally I do not believe any of them have any ground whatsoever but who knows…

Keep healthy all and don’t forget to wash your hands!


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