The First rule of Card Club…

Picture this: A High School Club in the early 2000’s that was so prestige you had other students eager to penetrate the solid walls of secrecy. A membership that was considered so high class that Money, Women and Popularity came along with it.

Of course I joke. I want to give you an insight into the Nerdy and small environment that was “Card Club”.

So picture me; A Geeky, skinny individual who enjoyed nothing more than spending my free time playing video games, watching anime and listening to “Edgy music”.

I had a small handful of friends back in school whom had a similar interest in hobbies. We all loved Pokèmon and Yu-Gi-Oh and were very eager to find a time we could just get together and play the trading card games.

Thus the idea of “Card Club” was born. We approached the Head Teacher with the idea and thankfully he was happy for us to go along with it. We were allowed a room in the Mathematics block. This was great, our own personal space away from all the bullies and idiots where we can just sit and enjoy our hobby whilst on our half hour lunch break.

After a couple of weeks we had gotten quite a small number of members, between 8 or 10 if I remember correctly. Every lunch break we were battling, trading and socialising about our interests. It even got to the point we bought in our Gameboys and multilinked them together and traded our Pokèmon with one another. Things were going great.

That was until more and more “Unsavoury” characters started to learn about this club. Just for the fun of making people miserable they would come in and taunt us, steal our property and all other manner of ill will.

We had no choice but to change our base of operations to the School Library. Yeah, the Library was more public but at least if anyone tried to disrupt us the staff would be there to help deal with them.

There was this one greasy looking kid that had all the super rare cards in both Pokèmon and Yu-Gi-Oh; hell even Digimon. Who the hell plays Digimon? Turns out though this guy was buying fakes off ebay and trying to pass them off as real. Safe to say this was shunned in Card Club and he was swiftly banned by majority vote. The rarest card I personally owned was a shiny Blastoise.

It was quite a sad moment when we had to move up in Schools, we all had a great time in Card Club but sadly there was no room for it in this new school, we had to concentrate on our work. For the most part it was our safe haven and escape from the grasp of the School System where friends could just enjoy each others hobbies and interests.

I don’t recall what I did with my Cards. Whether I threw them out, sold them or just put them somewhere to rediscover when I’m like 60, the memories of Card Club will never be forgotten.

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