It’s been an expensive December…

Hello world! It has been quite a while since my last post, but now after a while of having to deal with personal matters I am now back on track to carry on blogging which I am very happy about.

I hope everyone is ready for Christmas and New year’s? After a bit of last minute shopping I’ve finally got everything I need.

December has been awfully expensive for me this year and not just because of the festive holiday. At the start of the month I received a £30 fine for accidentally driving into a “Bus Only” area. I realised my mistake straight away and turned around, but no it wasn’t enough, the ANPR camera caught me.

Secondly, I live in a terraced house on a main road. Parking is limited and can be difficult sometimes as we have limited parking spaces between the footpath and the road itself. I had come home from work on a Saturday after an early start and noticed two of the smallest cars on the street had parked awkwardly, so in an attempt to get in I tried to park my car between them but realised I hadn’t enough room.

Already stuck at an angle I couldn’t see on the road behind me to reverse out safely so I left my car there hoping the car behind would go at some point so I could safely reverse out. I went in the house and got in the shower, after a few minutes in the shower I heard this constant pounding at my front door. I was in the middle of bathing so I couldn’t answer.

Now in my Village you rarely see a Police car about at all, but it just so happened at that precise moment a traffic officer was passing through the village and seeing my car at a slight angle he decided to ticket me £30 for “Deliberately blocking highway”. I was hardly in the road or on the pavement. The fact I got a parking ticket outside my own house is utterly ridiculous. Anything to get the working class to pay for their Christmas party this year.

Already up in £60 fines I had to pay up, my car decided to break down last week so I had to find a cheap emergency car just do I could get to work. This emergency car set me back another £500 + tax and insurance just before Christmas.

To make matters worse I had also lost my car and house keys at work which I now have to use my only spares. Seeing as I work about a 30 minute drive away getting home wasn’t easy.

I’m not superstitious but I definitely think something wasn’t on my side this month. Hopefully things will be better as it turns 2020.

It feels good to be writing again, I certainly have a lot more stories to tell!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – Jack.


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