Just how far can Technology progress… and should it?

Over the last couple of Decades Technology has developed to a point where we can be connected to our friends; in fact, the whole World in an instant. Technology has developed us as human beings, providing us with solutions to health and lifestyle that in the past seemed impossible. All I know is Technology, due to growing up and being raised with it around me.

This makes me wonder; why in the millions of years the World has been around have we only just discovered and created all this amazing Tech within less than a century? Without delving too much into my Tin Foil hat side of things, were we helped or given this by some other lifeform? However the true answer is more than likely due to the advancement of Science and Funding into this kind of research that we have managed to achieve our goals. It’s sad to say but Religious views of Science in the late past had certainly held us back for a long time.

More and more we see Technology being integrated in Human life. You go to a Supermarket and have the choice to use a machine to pay for your goods rather than see a real person. CCTV and facial recognition software is in an abundance all over the world making it easier for Government Agency’s to know who you are and where you are at all times, your smart phones assist in this. Data is now the most valuable asset in the world. It is terrifying to think someone could just sell your personal information just like that, or even more importantly someone could hack all that Data from you for malicious intent. We only have ourselves to blame as we give them all this information for free!

For me – Although the series “Black Mirror” is Fiction, it actually feels like something that could easily happen in the very near future. One episode focused on people getting more priority and perks based on your social status score. The Instagram verification procedure is already sort of like this, if you aren’t notable enough or “popular” enough you can’t get in their VIP Verification club. It’s sad to see what people would do just for the matter of likes on Social Media, as a society we are definitely dumbing down even though all this Technology is developed to try and make us smarter.

So what is the future for Technology? Will we ever reach a point where we can create all we can create and nothing new will ever be presented to us? Rumour has it that Tech Development companies are already years ahead in advancement but hold off releasing such Tech to help give Technology progression a longer life. Have we as Humans just become lazy due to Technology? Everything is at the tip of our fingers and everything seems too easy to achieve now – even getting fast food you don’t have to even leave your couch as just one click and someone will come and bring it to you.

It’s so sad to see us not communicating anymore in person; not enjoying those face to face social interactions. Waiting for a Train recently I witnessed another Train on another platform, pulling into the station. Every person in every carriage was just staring into their phone. Friends that meet socially just sit together on their phones not talking.

So will the Future of Tech be better or worse for us? Judging by current standards I personally believe it will make us all worse socially, however that is not to say that it won’t bring advancements the world so desperately needs. Time will tell.

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