Halloween Special – My scariest experiences ever.

What you are about to read are some of the most chilling experiences I have encountered in my life. I have no physical proof of said phenomena so you will have to go off my word alone. But believe me when I say these happened and they were weird.

1. Visit from the Yellow Eyed Smiler.

One night I had come home from my first evening at Air Cadets I had recently joined. I had a really good time and was very tired. As per normal I did my pre bed time routine and went upstairs to go off to sleep. I’m not usually the type to have nightmares or what not (My parents have a Dream Catcher in their house which I firmly believe works).

Anyways, from what I understand I was having a pretty normal sleep as far as I was concerned until I all of a sudden shot up, looking directly into the dark corner of my bedroom. There it was. This being of dark mass with big bright yellow eyes staring at me; it just sat there staring at me for a few seconds until it gave me a piercing sinister grin with it’s bright white teeth. I didn’t feel scared about its’ presence really, I just gave it a smile back and then put my head back down and went back to sleep. To this day the incident was very memorable and unnerving.

2. The final message from Grandma.

Sadly when my Grandma passed away I firmly believed that she did something pretty spectacular as a final message to say goodbye.

My parents Kitchen clock was really reliable, we had never had any past issues with it and it had never stopped at all. Sadly on the night my Grandma passed away we woke up in the morning to the bad news. However something strange had occurred. Our Kitchen clock had stopped on the the exact time my Grandma passed away that night; I still believe to this day that was her way of giving us a final fairwell.

3. Shadow people.

My Mum had gone out one evening to pick one of my sisters up after she had gone on a school trip to France. Dad was working late that night, so I was left alone in the house to look after my little sister. Martha, my little sister, being a toddler at this point was in bed so I was downstairs reading a book in the living room.

The TV in the living room was a very old bulky wide-screen with a very reflective surface so you could see the hallway very easy outside the room (and I should mention the TV was off so I could see everything reflecting in the screen) . I was reading for a good while until something caught my eye. It was as if something reflected in the TV walking in the hallway. A dark mass just walking past the living room door down the hallway. Thinking maybe it was my sister I popped my head around the corner to inspect. Nothing. Maybe it was my imagination? A bit weirded out I carried on sitting but just stared at the TV to see if it happened again. It did. Once again a dark black mass reflected past the room in the opposite direction to last time. A few minutes more again, it walked by. I was so scared I couldn’t move.

After a few moments I mustered the courage to quickly inspect the hallway again to see nothing, so I shut the living room door so I could no longer see its’ reflection and waited for my mum to return. I was convinced my parents house was haunted after that night.

4. Werewolf/Beast/Large Cat?

Taking our family Dog for the walk with my Dad one evening (Around Dusk time I’d say) and we would usually take her to the old Quarry Road which has a mass of fields and beautiful views.

We had walked a fair distance down the track when my Dad said “Jack! Look at that!”.

He was pointing across to the distance, where I saw it. It looked like a huge black creature that was walking slowly, then it would sprint quite fast, then it would stop again. The movement and shape was different to any sort of animal I had ever seen before. There has been numerous sightings and reports of Big Cats (maybe Panther like creatures) in the surrounding area but I wasn’t too sure. Thankfully it was quite a distance away and I sure as hell wasn’t going to pursue it for find out what it was. We both just stood there in awe watching it for a good few minutes until it disappeared into a treeline.

We both gave it a fitting name of “The Beast of Bosworth” maybe it could be a sequel to “The Hound of the Baskervilles”?

Well those are the scariest/creepiest moments I’ve experienced so far in my life. I could have added the tall grass story but I’ve already covered that in my last blog. The world is full of strange and mysterious things, some of which I don’t know if we’ll ever explain them. Comment your scariest moments, I’d love to hear them!

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