Why “In The Tall Grass” was pretty much my Childhood.

*Spoiler warnings if you haven’t seen this film yet*

Living in the Countryside you are more than used to Farming and Harvesting. As a Child there were acres and acres of tall crops behind my parents house, they seriously went on for miles.

It was great in the Summer as me and my friends would always use these fields as our playing area. The experience of running through the tall crops with the hot air blowing through you hair was the best feeling ever. I do miss those simple days.

There was always this rumour of a kid who went in “the long grass” who unfortunately got lost and ended up getting chopped into pieces by the Farmers’ Combine Harvester and his Ghost roams the fields trying to find a way out. I doubt the integrity behind this rumour was real, but as kids you believed anything.

It was a hot day in the middle of July and me and my friend decided to take our usual trip into the grass. We had been running around in it for about a good half hour when I couldn’t hear him anymore. I yelled out to him but no response. Because I was very small I couldn’t see over the grass, even if I jumped. I kept shouting out to him to realise he just wasn’t around the area anymore. Then I suddenly thought… I don’t actually know where I am.

Panicked, I ran in different directions hoping to find the edge but I simply couldn’t, just like the movie; it felt like it kept on going and there was no escape. I was really scared. Then I heard rustling nearby. Shocked I stood still listening out to the steps getting closer. Was it my friend? Was it the Ghost?

Then he emerged. This middle aged man came out of nowhere.

“What are you doing in here?” he questioned. I think I muttered something along the lines of “I got lost” or something but this guy’s face looked so… strange…

He then said “If you come with me, I’ll show you the way out”. Because I was told to never talk or follow strangers I just shook my head in a no response. Then all of a sudden the weird man grabbed my wrist but in a move of pure reflex I managed to jerk it away and just ran. I ran so fast I was out of breath and panicking.

Thankfully he wasn’t chasing me, but I always had this fear he could be behind me. Finally, I managed to reach the edge to an area I was familiar with. I ran straight home and told my Mum what had happened. She was already worried as my friends’ Mum had called my Mum to say that my friend had lost me and I had gone missing. Instead of him trying to find me he just went home! Cheers mate!

Looking back on it they guy may have just been the farmer or a serial killer who knows, I never saw him since as it unnerved me that much I didn’t go in the grass again.

After seeing the similarities of my experience in the movie “In The Tall Grass” it brought back so many memories of that day – Minus the weird possessions and Alien Rock thing ๐Ÿ˜‚

If you haven’t see the movie already I’d definitely recommend give it a watch, it’s a good horror/thriller that gets you thinking. Don’t play in crops kids.

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