My greatest fear.

Everyone has a fear. Whether it be heights, Spiders, Water you name it. My greatest fear however and please don’t laugh too hard; is Wax-Work Mannequins. Not even a lie, I refuse to go to any Museum Exhibit or places like Madam Tussauds because of it.

They seriously creep me out; I don’t remember where or how the fear began but they certainly make my hair stand on end and send a cold shiver down my spine.

The problem also being with them is that they are usually in a dimly lit areas with really creepy sound effects. It is low key something out of a horror movie. I just feel like they are following me with their eyes and will just jump out and attack me at any moment.

We used to go to this nature park as kids and in the park’s main building they had a whole Museum area full of Tudor styled Waxed Mannequins to tell the history of the place. I don’t know who designed these things but they legit looked like the creation of the Devil himself. I swear most of them had melted faces. The audio that emitted from them was distorted and incoherent as if the spirits from the other side were trying to communicate a message. On another note when you go to Cave or Mine tours why the hell do they have creepy old hermit looking Mannequins all the damn time. Back to the depths of hell whence you came prospector!

Mannequins in Clothing shops aren’t too bad, I mean I don’t go too close to them in case one grabs me but I can just about manage with those. Maybe because they all have sassy poses, who knows?

I’m supposed to be going to an Escape Room soon however if there is any hint of Mannequin I am straight out of there. Believe me when I say I once ran out the fire exit on a ride in Disneyland for the exact same reason.

With Halloween vastly approaching if anyone comes to my door dressed like a Wax Work demon I am swiftly shutting the door in their face.

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