I used to love HTC phones until…

Whenever my phone contract was up for renewal I would be so excited to get the chance to get myself a brand new HTC phone. In terms of durability and performance I found HTC to be among the best. They never slowed down and had great battery life.

In my time I’ve had the HTC Titan, two of the HTC One models and the “Newer” HTC U11. I’d say the HTC One was my favourite model. The HTC U11 unfortunately made me decide to never get one again, here’s a few reasons why;

  • The charging point and headphones went in the same port. To use the headphone you had to have this ugly USB adapter thing that was only specifically for the HTC U11. This stopped working after about 4 months. It wasnt the adapters fault the phone just simply wouldn’t register it anymore so I bought a wireless bluetooth headset in the end.
  • The back of the phone couldn’t be removed at all so if there were any issue you wouldn’t be able to access it and fix it unless you wanted to completely damage your phone.
  • After a year the charging point went slightly faulty, meaning it would only charge if you had the adapter a certain way around. It was also very slow to charge. I would have had a look at it if above mentioned wasnt an issue.
  • The whole phone was made out of very fragile fibre glass, meaning when I sadly dropped it a few times even in a case it would just shatter the whole phone. Mine had cracks galore but thankfully I could still use it.

I’ve recently renewed my phone contract but this time I have gone for a Samsung A70. So far I’m really enjoying it. I just hope it does not let me down in the near future. Plus it has a separate headphone Jack, winner winner.

I hope in the future HTC release another amazing phone that shadows the previous HTC One. I would snap that up in an instant.

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