In Summer 2020 you need to build a Garden Bar!

Drinks at the ready.

I bet a lot of people ask themselves “What can I do to liven up the party?”. If your thinking as far ahead to next summer BBQ’s then I would highly recommend building your own Tiki Garden Bar. It’s so simple but so effective, it’ll be the centrepiece to any event.

You don’t even have to break the bank! We literally drew up a basic frame design the night before then went Homebase the next day for the supplies (other DIY stores are available). I think all together it cost around ¬£70 for us, but we thought it would be a great little project we could do together in preparation for our own summer garden party. 

Since owning my own house I’ve gotten much better at DIY but I’m not amazing. The Garden Bar was pretty bodged together with random nails in certain places, but it was a craft of love. 

My wife is the more patient one, if something was stressing me out thankfully she was there to help or take over. All together I think it took 7 hours to complete.

The Garden Party went down really well despite the heavy rain, thankfully one of our friends saved the day in the morning and lent us a huge Gazebo to shelter everything, however being the man of the house I was the one stood sad and soaking whilst cooking the meat. The bar was definitely the highlight with an array of homemade drinks and cocktails the wife had prepared the night before. 

Now it’s winter, it’s not in much use now other than a sitting perch for the Cats so they can be nosy but roll on Summer 2020 and let’s the drinks flow once again!

If anyone is interested  in building their own I can see if I can find my drawings and measurements and update the post.

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