What happens in Tuesday Club, stays in Tuesday Club.

Early Christmas gathering, I was the Santa that year

It is written that every Tuesday evening there is a club so secret not even the British Government knows of it. All its members sit around a table to indulge in polite conversation, drink mead (Pepsi Max) and eat a mighty banquet all at different locations each week, to then commune to the living quarters for entertainment and Jestery. 


Brush aside the Medieval filter and you have yourself a tradition between myself and my friends where we meet up every Tuesday for the aptly named “Tuesday Club”. Each week we rotate to each other’s houses (picture come dine with me, but with less bitchiness and competitiveness) and we all cook each other different meals each week. I call it a tradition as we’ve been successfully doing this for up to 2 years now, which when people are busy adults can be quite a hard thing to accomplish sometimes! I think we chose a Tuesday originally as this is the day when the Great British Bakeoff started on TV and we still watch it together to this day! 

Every mid December we all meet up for an “Early Christmas” where someone cooks a lovely Christmas dinner and we partake in a Secret Santa. It’s really quaint, the “Santa” of the year is judged by who has the longest beard at the time. The winner gets to dish out the presents.

It’s important to spend time with friends in life as you never know what’s down the line. It helps boost your mood when you have a good laugh with good mates. I wouldn’t change my friends for the world, it really helps me when I’m low to meet up and just laugh about the stupidest of things. It makes you forget the stresses you may be going through if not for just a little while.

I think everyone should set up their own form of “Tuesday Club”, it’s great fun!

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