Vanilla is the only true good flavour. Change my mind.

Call me a plain Jane but I personally think plain Vanilla is the best choice out there when it comes to an amazing flavoured dessert.

Those who know me well know that I request Vanilla for everything. What flavour Ice Cream would you like? Vanilla. What flavouring shall I make this cake? Vanilla. What drink would you like, Coke or Lemonade? Vanilla…also I just got to say Vanilla Coke is the bomb. At McDonald’s it’s always a large Vanilla milkshake for me all day every day. Favourite movie? Vanilla Sky. I joke, I’ve never seen it. Vanilla ice ice baby.

If you had a shot for every time I said Vanilla in that paragraph you’d be very drunk by now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a snob at trying other flavours of Ice Creams but it all ends up coming back to plain old Vanilla for me. Nothing else tickle that tastebud G spot for me. In my wedding cake I requested at least one layer be Vanilla, though I didn’t even get a piece. Sad times. 

Cheap Vanilla substitute flavourings are not my favourite however, the sort you get in like Protein Shake powders and what not, it makes me really disappointed. Like a crack addict that’s just been sold bad gear.

My wife makes fun of me for being a Vanilla elitist, I’ve tried to bring her over to the only true good side but she likes a variety of flavours, strange woman. To be honest that’s not saying much, she dips her French Fries into her Milkshake the weirdo.

On the subject of Ice Cream surely I’m not the only one that microwaves the tub for 20-30 seconds before I eat it? I like my Ice Cream to be soft and moist, not so hard that you can’t penetrate your spoon in it!

For all my Vanilla homies out there… Respect!

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