Is Facebook dying out?

Facebook used to be a really interesting platform; I loved to receive a good poke now and then, the excitement of receiving a new friend request sent your dopamine levels soaring. It was all about sharing moments and thoughts with your friends, but now I feel it has lost its charm.

I don’t know whether it’s just me getting older and grumpy but Facebook just feels…dull. It feels like a chore to scroll through new posts in a zombified state. The most interaction I give things nowadays is a subconscious thought of “oh, that’s nice” as I’m mindlessly scrolling down my feed. I rarely post to Facebook anymore or interact with people on there; I really only use it to share music links to my Soundcloud/Spotify but other than that I only really need it for the messenger app.

Some people still religiously post to Facebook; fair play to them but there is only so much dirty laundry and holiday snaps you can view before it all gets blurred into the background. 

With all the bad press and Monopoly Facebook seems to be acquiring I’m thinking more and more that I want to delete my account. Facebook has gotten too personal, it knows more about me than I probably do myself. I think for a social media platform this is not the way forward for them. I want to enjoy an experience on a social media platform not feel as though it’s some large ID portfolio for the government.

Will Facebook die out? Probably not, but I feel like its user base will decline more and more over the coming years. Sadly I have to now consider what I want to do with my WhatsApp and Instagram due to these now being under Facebook control.

All I can say is bring back the good old days of Myspace with the top friends/audio player features. A time where it was about having fun communicating with friends, sharing experiences and not worrying daily about how your data is being used/sold.

I think it’s time we had a new contender in the social media game. Just don’t do what Facebook did.

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