I drink one can of Monster Energy a day, why?

Disclaimer: I was not paid or approached by Monster Energy to post this. This is not health or dietary advice.

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My first experience with Monster Energy drinks was probably when I was in my late teens (18/19). As a lot of young people do, we like to drink. So the only Monster I ever had to begin with was the green Monster originals which were mixed with Jagermeister or as many call it; “Jager Bombs”. 

One night out I had too many of them which made me very ill to say the least, I was throwing up all night and all the next day. All I can remember was the taste of the Monster Energy which put me off that particular flavour for life, I still wouldn’t drink it to this day.

That’s not to say I’ve boycotted Monster Energy altogether; it’s still remains one of my favourite energy drink brand on the market and their branding is just so attractive and spot on. As a “youthful” person it’s appealing. I even have Monster Energy stickers on my car. 

I’d gotten back into Monster a few years back (their Ultra range) and I drink one every day without fail, it’s like an addiction, it definitely compliments my palette. My favourite ones are the white canned Ultra, and the black can with blue logo Ultra. Seeing as these have zero sugar I can slightly feel a bit less guilty too.

With the drinks being rich in B Vitamins I know that it is beneficial to heart health, however this is in proportion to a balanced diet. The high levels of caffeine doesn’t really affect me as I don’t drink coffee anyway, so Monster is my only caffeine fix throughout the day. I would never exceed the recommended daily dosage. If they had a Coffee-esque type shop but just sold Monster Energy I’d be in there every day.

All in all, keeping fit and eating a balanced diet is the main thing in life. You can enjoy everything in proportion. Energy drinks can most certainly be dangerous but only if you are drinking huge amounts on a daily basis.

Monster; As a huge fan, if you’re reading this, carry on doing what you do; maybe one day you could brand one of your flavours Blue Monkey or Red Pussy?

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