“Radio Fetish” broadcast on Radio!

So had another little surprise last Saturday (1st August 2020). My new hit "Radio Fetish" was broadcast on BBC Radio Introducing, which is now my fourth appearance on BBC Introducing. Dead chuffed. You can hear it here; Dark July ยท Radio Fetish Listeners gave really positive feedback which was great to hear. One twitter user … Continue reading “Radio Fetish” broadcast on Radio!

I was on BBC radio!

So last Saturday (14/03/2020) I had the privilege of being aired on BBC Radio East Midlands Introducing program; which if you're not from the United Kingdom is a great platform for unheard and unsigned acts to get noticed! You can listen to the Radio version of my track "Summer Child" here: https://soundcloud.com/darkjulyofficial/summer-child-on-bbc-introducing The positive response … Continue reading I was on BBC radio!

The First rule of Card Club…

Picture this: A High School Club in the early 2000's that was so prestige you had other students eager to penetrate the solid walls of secrecy. A membership that was considered so high class that Money, Women and Popularity came along with it. Of course I joke. I want to give you an insight into … Continue reading The First rule of Card Club…

My new Album “Surveillance” is out now!

I am happy to announce the official release of my newest Album "Surveillance" after a long and rocky ride of personal health and motivation. "Surveillance" is my fourth Album in my Discography and in this one I wanted to create an ensemble that has the characteristics of Synthwave but with deep funky undertones. Expect hard … Continue reading My new Album “Surveillance” is out now!

I don’t like Music Festivals.

I'm not a boring guy, I like to have a laugh whenever I can and have as many experiences that I can fit in to my life; Music Festivals however just aren't my jam. Here's some of my most unfortunate experiences I've had at Festivals which put me off any in the future. So I'll … Continue reading I don’t like Music Festivals.

Just how far can Technology progress… and should it?

Over the last couple of Decades Technology has developed to a point where we can be connected to our friends; in fact, the whole World in an instant. Technology has developed us as human beings, providing us with solutions to health and lifestyle that in the past seemed impossible. All I know is Technology, due … Continue reading Just how far can Technology progress… and should it?

Halloween Special – My scariest experiences ever.

What you are about to read are some of the most chilling experiences I have encountered in my life. I have no physical proof of said phenomena so you will have to go off my word alone. But believe me when I say these happened and they were weird. 1. Visit from the Yellow Eyed … Continue reading Halloween Special – My scariest experiences ever.